Great students like us work on the principle of Rockets.. It does not mean tht we aim to the sky..But we dn't work hard untill our tail is on fire..

Ankit - Born 2 Code - Dwnld Turbo C++

all u hv to do is here...........

 1) create a new folder
 2)  download all the following links in same folder......

Part 001
Part 002
Part 003
Part 004
Part 005
Part 006
Part 007
Part 008
Part 009
Part 010
Part 011
Part 012
Part 013
Part 014
Part 015
Part 016
Part 017
Part 018 do this all.....

 3) Now one more download -  Splitter (Joiner)

 4) now you have to join these downloads..
 5) run splitter.exe
 6) and in source set the path of  01TC3SETUP.EXE
 7) set destination path as u like....
 8) click on Unsplit
 9) let the process be completed.....
10) in the destination folder you will find the joined file TC3SETUP.EXE

 1) run the file TC3SETUP.EXE &  click on Unzip
 2) let the unzip be completed
 3) click on OK in confirmation message box

now you are ready to use your c++ s/w


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